Chances to change for our shampoo

Its often better to shift gears to natural alternatives of our household cosmetics and toiletry products. With a relatively easy preparation process or recipe and sometimes better effectiveness, the natural products may just be the thing you’re looking for.

When it comes to making natural shampoo, you can follow a number of recipes for the best interests of the type of your hair. But the basic recipe is more or less valid for all types if natural shampoo. The secret ingredient here is Coconut milk. It is organic and BPA free. You can either use the one made at home or switch to the canned ones found in stores. However is recommended to stick to the homemade one for trusted outcome.

homemade shampoo


First take ¼ cup of the milk and keep it in a suitable vessel or container. Add 1/3 cup of liquid castile soap. Castille soaps are good replacements of chemicals and detergents for making lather or ‘foam’. Keep the mixture stirred for some time. Next add ½ of a teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil. You can either take it out from Vitamin E capsules found in pharmaceuticals store. Several drops of Essential Oil is what you’re gonna have to add up next. You can chose your own essential oil form a variety ranging from peppermint, lavender, rosemary to orange as well. You can either use them singly or in combination of a number of them as per your choice of essence and flavour.

For dry hair you might also try adding ½ tsp of olive or almond oil. After you’ve mixed all the above ingredients, add some soap dispensers with ¼ cups of distilled water. Shake well and keep in shower for upto a month. Your natural shampoo should be all ready for use by then. Also shake well before each use.

How does natural shampoo work?

Is ‘natural shampoo’ really working on our hair condition?

No matter where you are no a day’s everywhere you look, people seem to prefer products with naturally grown and pure ingredients especially which applies to beauty products. Due to this big cosmetic companies such as Body Shop or Aveda have started working on cosmetics which are made from natural products.

Conditioners and Shampoos from such companies are contain different kinds of natural minerals and different kinds of plant extracts, but the question is are these so called natural shampoos and conditioners are any good for your hair?

dandruff shampoo


A lot of different researches state that these natural products are no good as to the many man made products that you find in different local superstores within your are.

There are a lot of different factors that could lead to having healthy hair such as the surrounding environment, diet and as well as the health of your scalp.

But do keep in mind that different shampoos do have different effects on different types of hair, therefore if next time you are looking for the perfect shampoo for your hair try choosing the right kind according to your hair. This simply means that it isn’t necessary that a shampoo might be good just because it has natural ingredients labeled in it.

It has also been stated by many researchers that natural ingredients labeled in hair products is mostly a marketing tool which can be extremely misleading to the general public. For a product such as shampoos and conditioners to become “organic” would need to be stripped off from any kind of chemicals that are included within these shampoos and conditioners, and in reality all these so called “natural” shampoos and conditioners contain chemical preservatives which helps them in giving them a longer life.

This doesn’t mean that big brands such as Aveda or Body Shop are not good brands, most of the time they are, but then there are also a lot of different chemical shampoos which are equally as good.